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Senin, 16 Juni 2008

Sekilas Tentang Abacus


Singapore-based Abacus International is the Asia Pacific’s leading travel facilitator with more than 11,000 agency locations in 24 markets. Founded in 1988, Abacus has 15 years of experience infusing international best practices and local expertise with global and local partnerships. We provide travel information and reservations specifically tailored to Asia Pacific region

Our partners include a consortium of Asia and the world’s leading airlines – All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, China Airlines, EVA Airways, Garuda Indonesia, DragonAir, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, SilkAir and Singapore Airlines.

Abacus is also backed by US owned Sabre Inc. With a 35% stake in Abacus, Sabre is both a partner and technology provider, best known for developing dynamic and innovative information technology solutions in the travel industry.

Abacus Indonesia

As soon as the approvals for a joint venture with Abacus Inteational were issued by the Ministery of Communications and the Ministery of of Finance on December 29, 1993, and on December 31, 1993 respectively, Garuda Indonesia set up a Mega CRS team, chaired by Mr. Sunarjo and assisted by a secretary and six staff members.

The System/Network, Financial, Marketing and Legal aspects having been finalized, a pilot commercial cut-over was carried out at initially 5 (five) major Travel Agencies, viz Vaya Tour, Dwi Daya, Anta, Smailing and Wita Tour, which went successfully. This was soon followed by cut-over activities at other Travel Agencies.

On March 1, 1995, PT. Abacus Distribution Systems Indonesia was officially incorporated, with an office located at 20th floor Wisma Kyoei Prince, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, kav. 3-4, Jakarta 10220. Thus PT. Abacus Distribution Systems Indonesia was the first Mega CRS to legally operate in Indonesia.

Along with a positive business growth, especially in the Easte part of Java, Abacus Indonesia decided to open up a branch office in Surabaya in 1997, to cater the market in the city of Surabaya and its neighbouring areas, and branch office in Medan in 2001 to cater the market in the city of Medan and Sumatra areas.

Being the first in GDS business, Abacus has from the outset not been facing significant resistance. The prevailing macro economic climate as well as the industry's response did help much to support Abacus' position. This also has led to Abacus' excellent and profitable performance.

Source: Abacus Indonesia

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